The Kings County Museum has an extensive collection of historical works by authors and historians from throughout Kings County and across New Brunswick.
Books can be purchased at the Kings County Museum, 27 Centennial Drive, Hampton or by contacting the museum at 506-832-6009 or by email at

Down with the Rigidly Righteous:
The Poems of John Dunham
Edited by John R. Elliott.
This is a collection of over 200 poems by an incredible – but little known figure - from New Brunswick's past. John Dunham (1868-1944) was a keen observer and his witty, insightful poems create a vivid depiction of life along the river in Kings and Queens Counties. He was a jack-of-all-trades, working at the Quarries in Hampstead, as a lumberman, and as a deckhand onboard the many steamships that piloted the Saint John River. His poems are a reflection of this life, and of the wonderful stories to be found in the day-to-day lives of people in this area of New Brunswick. This new collection will surprise and delight readers from the area – and those who just enjoy a well-written verse. 
317 pages |  Fully indexed with photos  |  $25.00 each

Agnes Warner & the Nursing Sisters of the Great War
by Shawna M. Quinn
This book explores the world of the woman who were nurses for the wounded when Canada entered the Great War in 1914. It demonstrates the realities they faced in the hospitals behind the front lines and the devastating injuries of war they've seen.

by Eric McCumber
New Brunswick's first European settlement. Set during the period of first contact this novel portrays life for the French fur traders and the Wolastoqiyik, and displays the result of their meeting on two individuals and their communities.

Artist At War
By Charles Comfort
A true point of view story of a war artist sent into battle to make a painters record of the Canadian army's fight against the Germans on the Italian peninsula.

A Keirstead History 
by David G. Keirstead This genealogy is the author's direct line. Book comes punched, loose-leaf form for buyers to mount in a binder

The Bloomfield Area Remembered 
by David G. Keirstead 
The nearly 500 pages of print and photos tell about Bloomfield Corner, Bloomfield Station, Bloomfield Ridge, Passekeag, Dickie Mountain, Guthrie Road, Central Norton and Warneford.  

Butternut Ridge - Havelock, Our Proud Heritage 1809 to 1989
Published by Havelock Women's Institute 
Contains information and photographs on Havelock in four categories: History, Happenings, Businesses and organizations. 

1901 Census Index for Hampton Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada
by K. J. Cormier
Transcribed from the 1901 census in the order written in the original census. Showing: Census Page Number, Dwelling number, Surname, Given Name, Sex, Color, Head of Household or relationship to, Marital status, Date of Birth, Age, Country of Birth, Year of Immigration to New Brunswick, Racial Origin, Nationality, Religion and Occupation. 

The Communion of Saints
by Vesta Dunlop Mullen 
Ordained ministers of the Reformed Baptist church 1888-1966.

Diary of Flora Somerville: The Lady of the Narrows Vol. 1 & 2
Compiled by Graeme F. Somerville
Two book set.

Downeast, Upcountry; A Place, A Family, A Time
by Tom Shanklin
A collection of delightful stories and anecdotes from Hatfield Point.

Education 1792-1970 in Springfield N B
by Ernest G. C. Graham 
Covers all schools in Springfield Parish. History of school buildings mixed with local history.

The Golden Bridge. Young Immigrants to Canada 1833 - 1939
by Marjorie Kohli
Story of the Home Children's emigration from Britain.

Growing Up on a Farm in New Brunswick
Judson M. Corey
Includes descriptions of work done on a farm and the different farm animals during the 1920s-1940s. Also describes the work during all 4 seasons on the farm in New Brunswick and the pleasures of growing up on this farm, along with stories of the authors parents work, and stories of his siblings.

Hampton Consolidated School- A Story Worth Telling
by David G Keirstead
368 pages of text and pictures

I Take My Pen In Hand
Edited by Graeme F Somerville 
The letters of Noah Webb and his children and a few other persons from 1853 to 1893

The Land of Milk & Honey: A History of Upham
by Edward Kilpatrick
This new work (published Fall 2014) takes readers through the community of Upham, farm by farm, looking at the original land grants of the area and how those properties passed through families over time. Includes many images of Upham area.
137 pages

A Long Road to Ortana: Experiences of World War II
By Douglas H. Andrews
An account of Douglas Andrews experiences serving in the Canadian Army, which he put together for his children and now his grandchildren which could be shared with their community. 

The Loyalists of New Brunswick
by Esther Clark Wright
Reprint 2003. An incredible, detailed look at the early Loyalist story in New Brunswick. 365 pages; fully indexed.

Mills, Hills and Early Settlers of Springfield Parish, Kings Co. N B

by Ernest G. C. Graham 
Not only an interesting description of the mills and hills in Springfield Parish but also much folklore and genealogy of these early settlers. Some early photographs.
Diary of Philip Nase, 1836-1885: 
Family, Business & Politics on the Lower Saint John River
This diary covers a fascinating mix of genealogy, local history, river history, and Canadian and world events. Enjoy these insightful first hand records of life along the river from the age of sail, to the days of steamships.

114 pages
Fully indexed
photos & family documents
$20.00 each

Middlemore Atlantic Society
by Marion Crawford 
Exploring the Middlemore British Home Children, J.T, Middlemore, and the Middlemore Reunions established for British Home Children.

Old North Esk on the Miramichi (25th anniversary edition)
W.D. Hamilton
This book portrays the history of the community of Old North Esk. A historical, biographical and genealogical work on the parish of North Esk.

Out of Body and Beyond
by Dorothy Dearborn 
Stories of extraordinary experiences.

Parish of Norton: 1900-1908
by David Henderson
A collection of births, marriages, deaths and assorted articles of interest pertaining to the Parish of Norton, collected from the Kings County Record, 1900-1908.

Parish of Springfield
by David Henderson
A collection of births, marriages, deaths and assorted articles of interest pertaining to the Parish of Springfield, collected from the Kings County Record. Four separate volumes are available:
Volume 1 (1890-1900) $22.00 SORRY - SOLD OUT!
Volume 2 (1916-1927) $22.00 SORRY - SOLD OUT!
Volume 3 (1937-1945) $22.00
Volume 4 (1966-1975) $22.00

Presbyterian Baptisms in Saint John: 1817-1890
Compiled by Graeme F. Somerville
An excellent resource for researchers

The Records of the Reverend James Gray, Kings County, New Brunswick 1857 - 1898
by Saint John Genealogical Society 
Presbyterian Church records in Kings County.

The Soldiers of the Valley; The KV Memory Project 
This book includes the stories of the men and one woman, from the Kennebecasis Valley, who died while participating in World War I and World War II. 

Somerville: from Perthshire, Scotland to New Brunswick and Beyond
by Graeme F. Somerville
The genealogies of the families of Andrew and William Somerville, who were settlers in Kings County from Perthshire, Scotland. 

Sorrow: A Sanctifying Touch
By Judson M. Corey
This book explores the variety of responses to loss, the experience of sorrow and the changes it brings to many people. The book was written in hopes that others who experience loss of loved ones and are filled with sorrow will find comfort in the experiences and thoughts that are shared throughout this book.

Stagecoach Days on the Westmorland Great Road, 1835-1872
by W. Eugene Goodrich 
This book tells about the beginnings of the stagecoach in Europe and the development of roads for their use in New Brunswick following the first highways act in 1786 for laying out, repairing and amending Highways, Roads and Streets. The Westmorland Great Road ran from Saint John City through Westmorland County, to the Nova Scotia border.

The Story of Knowlesville
by Judson M. Corey 
Contains much genealogical information on families such as: Corey, Sarchfield, Wheaton, Hallet, Harrison, Spinney and Keirstead, to name a few.

by Judson M. Corey 
The re-location of Alfred and Lucretia Corey from New Canaan, Havelock and vicinity to Knowlesville about 1874 where neighbors helped them build a log cabin. 150 years of family and community history with photos and genealogy.

The Story of Sussex and Vicinity, New Brunswick
by Grace Aiton 
The history of New Brunswick's Sussex Parish which goes back 200 years is actually the history of Kings County and contained in this book. Some early photographs and genealogy.

St. Paul's Anglican Parish, Hampton N.B. 1810 -1996
A History compiled by the Congregation
Contains many names of the early parishioners . The parish in 1810 took in the areas of Lower Norton, Lakeside, Smithtown, Rothesay, Hampton, French Village, Upham and Nauwigewauk.

St. Paul's Church, Londonderry, and the Shepody Road

Tales of Lonewater Farm
by Edis Flewwelling 
The chronicle of Major Edis A. Flewwelling, the director of a unique alcoholic rehabilitation centre that worked to get alcoholics back on the path to sobriety.

A Titus History 
by David G. Keirstead 
This genealogy is the author's direct line. Book comes punched, loose-leaf form so that buyers can mount it in a binder if they so wish. 

War on the Home Front
Edited by Bill Parenteau & Stephen Dutcher 
The farm diaries of Daniel MacMillan 1914-1927.

A World Champion Story
By Andrew Gillen
The history and story of Hugh J. McCormick, a world professional speed skating champion in 1890.

Yesteryear Sussex
By K. Wayne Vail
Buildings, business and people of "yesteryear" Sussex told by K. Wayne Vail