Henry More Smith

The Mysterious Henry More Smith

The portrait on the left is not an accurate depiction of Henry. When the book “The Mysterious Stranger” came out in 1817 the publisher wanted a portrait of Henry so they apparently grabbed a random guy off the street and drew him. The picture on the right is believed to be more accurate. Titled “Lunar Rogue in Chains” the image is from another print of the book and it is a more accurate depiction of him when compared to the physical descriptions we have. The description of Henry from his wanted poster is as follows “..of slender make, dark hair and eyes, had a scar on or about the chin of some length, appeared to have been cut…” 

Henrys cell is described as being 22 by 16 feet, stone and lime walls three feet thick of the sides, the fourth wall having been a partition 12 inches thick.

Henry’s Origins: Henry claimed that his real name was Henry Moon, and that he was the son of a merchant in the south of England. There was a Moon family in that area at about the right time and that they were merchants however he had used other false aliases so there’s no way to know if this one was accurate.