Bart Macumber Interview 

on Early Printing Press

Filmed in 2023 by Richard Brown

Charlie Neill, 2022

A Kings County Museum interview with Charlie Neil on his years of lumbering in Kings County. 

Filmed in 2022 by Richard Brown

Daniel Keith, August 2015

A Kings County Museum interview with Daniel Keith. Daniel talks about his childhood growing up in Butternut Ridge (now Havelock) and his family genealogy.

Filmed in August 2015 by Lydia Blois and Richard Thorne.

Vivian Patriquen of Norton

Vivian Patriquen shares stories about her life in Norton!

Filmed by Jamie Pearson and Faye Pearson, August 2015.

Cecil Scullion & Chester McMackin

Cecil Scullion and Chester McMackin share their unique stories about living in the jailer's quarters of the Kings County Gaol in the early 1950s. 

Filmed by Lydia Blois and Jamie Pearson, July 2015

Lillian Anderson

95-year old Lillian Anderson shares stories of growing up in rural Kings County.

Filmed by Richard Brown, June 2015

Frank & Patricia Vanderlaan

Frank & Patricia Vanderlaan share their memories of the German occupation of Holland  and the role Canada played in the Dutch liberation.

Filmed by Richard Brown, May 2015.

Garnet Boyd & Striped Bass Fishery

Garnet Boyd shares details of the commercial striped bass fishery that took place on the Belleisle Bay 1930s to 1970s. 

Filmed January 2015.

George Sharp Interview, 2013

George Sharp's memories of life in Kings County over the last 86 years. 

Filmed March 27th, 2013 at the Sharp's residence.